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Bleaching Instructions

  • Brush and floss your teeth. Remove plastic cap and place tip on syringe.
  • Place a small drop of gel inside the front portion of each tooth compartment of your tray. If you have larger teeth use a slightly larger drop.
  • After each use remove the tip and replace the plastic cap.
  • Place the tray with the gel over teeth. Do not push gel out of tray, but make sure trays are completely seated. You may see the gel “bubbling”. This bubbling actually part of the whitening process.
  • Remove any excess gel (outside the trays) with your finger. If you notice any whitening of your gums, this is temporary and should last only 5-10 minutes. These are signs that you are using too much gel – use a little less next time. If you do not remove the excess gel off the gums it could burn or irritate them. If this happens discontinue using product until tissues heal.
  • Wear trays for at least 1 hour twice a day. If you have sensitivity with the teeth, try whitening every other day. If the sensitivity persists ask your dentist about a desensitizing gel. Using a fluoride rinse will also help to reduce sensitivity. If discomfort continues, stop treatment and consult your dentist.
  • Remove trays, rinse and brush excess gel from your trays. Rinse trays with Luke warm water (not hot) let them dry completely. After whitening spit out any excess gel, wait 10 minutes let saliva remineralize and rehydrate teeth. Then brush them gently and rinse with a fluoride mouth rinse (i.e. Oral-B with fluoride, alcohol free).
  • Repeat steps 1-7 for two weeks. Days of treatment should be uninterrupted.


  • Try to minimize consumption of tobacco. Coffee, dark colas, and red wine because these substances may re-stain the teeth during and after the whitening process.
  • Continue good oral hygiene throughout the treatment.
  • Avoid citrus foods and juices if they cause sensitivity.
  • Store any remaining gel in a cool dark place. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE


  • Use the treatment while pregnant or lactating.
  • Overload whitening trays with gel.
  • Eat, drink, or smoke while wearing your custom trays.