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Regenerative Treatments – using Plasma Rich Fibrin PRF 

Plasma rich fibrin ( PRF) is a biomaterial used more and more in the medical and dental field. Updated research proves the high potential healing properties of the PRF, extending its use in dentistry to gingival, bone grafting, implant surgery and extractions.

PRF belongs to second generation of platelet concentrates.  The high level of several growth factors present in PRF proves its role in all 4 fundamental events of the healing process.


This biomaterial creates a fibrin network similar to the natural one allowing faster and more efficient cell integration and proliferation. This has an impact in angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), circulation of stem cell and epithelialization.

During PRF processing by centrifugation, platelets and leucocytes are activated and significant amounts of cytokines (regulators in an inflammatory response) are released. This assures control of the immune response of the surgical area by reducing post-operative inflammation, infection and pain.

Our office is offering this regenerative treatment in addition to surgical procedures.  For our patients we can provide a better post- surgical recovery time by reducing infection and pain up to 80% and healing time by 50%.