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 Osseous Surgery Pocket Reduction

Sometimes the effects of periodontal disease create permanent changes in the bone and gum structure that will cause issues in the future. Enlarged gum pockets between the tooth and the gum line are common after having advanced gum disease. More commonly, the gaps put the teeth and gingiva at future risk for disease, as they are just one more place that plaque and bacteria can collect. When deep pockets between teeth and gums are present, it is difficult for us to thoroughly remove plaque and tarter. Patients can seldom, if ever, keep these deep pockets clean and free of plaque. The pocket requires more frequent cleanings as the patient is unable to get to the pockets with regular brushing and flossing. Surgery may be needed to restore periodontal health. Pocket reduction surgery is designed to thwart the after effects of periodontal disease and restore your mouth to a healthy state. In some cases, the occlusion (bite) may require adjustment.

The goal of periodontal surgery is to gain access to the tooth root and to clean the damaged areas. Once our hygienist can visually see the damage, it can be removed completely. Removing the plaque and decayed gum tissue leaves a pocket between the gum and the tooth. Sometimes Dr. Burlacu may need to suture the gum to where the bone has resorbed. The goal is to create a space large enough so it can be reached through daily oral hygiene, but small enough that it is not a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria.